autocad mechanical

AutoCAD Mechanical is the software Autodesk specially created for designers of mechanical systems, it allows for gains significant productivity . Equipped with specific tools to virtually every phase of work mechanical design , the designer enjoys a competitive advantage by saving long hours of preparation and recovery. It can devote more time to innovate to manage problems workflow .
Automate tasks complex and repetitive
Providing a comprehensive tools automating complex and repetitive tasks , AutoCAD Mechanical helps reduce the number of times necessitated during the latest updates or changes to the project .
  • Use generators mechanical and calculators for trees, springs, belts, chains and cams.
  • Automatically generate reports and calculations needed to analyze your designs.
  • Use the system intelligent management layers for features are automatically placed on the appropriate layer when you create a drawing.
  • Use the functions automatic updating and regeneration for accurately display hidden geometry .
Reduce errors and inconsistencies
The manual design plans mechanical can introduce errors and inconsistencies in design, representing a loss time and money. AutoCAD Mechanical includes complete library of standard parts and supports many standards of design. Users can and more easily meet specifications required .
  • Speed and accuracy increased, with libraries of over 700 000 standard parts .
  • Simplified compliance through environments design based on international standards.
  • Consistency of design facilitated by thousands of profiles standard steel .
  • Instantaneous generation and updated accurate graphs and tables.
Increased productivity CAD-CAM
The software is dedicated to mechanical design. It offers productivity gains immediate because it automates many tasks that be made manually on the base software . Designed to save you time , it has a specific tool for virtually every aspect of the design process mechanics.
  • Layout tools Intelligent allows the user to create and modify quickly and accurately drawings .
  • With tools design Intelligent , he created numerous scores with minimal intervention .
  • Thanks to the associativity with Autodesk Inventor ™ , users can easily detail and document parts and assemblies Inventor native .
Effectively manage your Design Data
AutoCAD Mechanical helps working groups to organize and manage data design and provide accurate reports to downstream users. The software automatically updates nomenclature and includes tools for tracking changes seamlessly. Your teams meet more easily the deadlines because the software reduces downtime due to error counting , identification or control parts. In addition, it includes tools fully integrated data management storage and management Safe design data of ongoing work .
  • The reports first importance will automatically update as and when measure changes.
  • The data nomenclature can be exported or linked to systems resource planning (MRP ) or resource management (ERP ) .
  • Includes tools data management Integrated for workgroups.
Collaboration and communication Simplified
Interoperability with manufacturing products Autodesk facilitates collaboration enabling workgroups to share design information specific , including instructions , schedules and results of FEA . File formats intelligent and translation tools integrated facilitate communication and strengthen your advantage competitive in the global market.
  • Libraries translators and converters graphic standards.
  • DWF technology ensures viewing and sharing secure of designs 2D and 3D.
  • DWG compatibility preserving file information and facilitating trade data with customers and suppliers