Sunday, January 23, 2011

Try to repair DWG damaged files

Following failure of the Windows operating system, a fatal error AutoCAD, a power outage, a backup fails, a DWG file can very quickly become damaged. If this problem occurs during the working phase and an automatic backup was scheduled, it will be possible to retrieve the backup file, $ extension SV, DWG to rename it and open it in AutoCAD. Otherwise, here are some principles to follow to try to recover a damaged file.

Simply by reopening the DWG file

Sometimes, simply re-open the DWG file by performing a backup, you can correct data partially damaged.

Using the AUDIT command or _AUDIT

You get to directly open DWG file, but during operation AutoCAD crashes or generates a fatal error. In this case, open the file again DWG and immediately after launch or _AUDIT AUDIT command.

Before starting his control, AutoCAD asks if you want "Correct errors detected." Preferably answer "YES".

During its test phase, if errors are detected, AutoCAD will try to correct them.

If the system variable is set to 1 AUDITCTL, a log file extension "ADT" is created. It will contain a description of problems and corrections.

Using the RECOVER command or _RECOVER

If refuses to open the AutoCAD DWG file is that the error is larger and requires a correction at the highest level. Open AutoCAD and run the RECOVER command or _RECOVER.

The RECOVER command will place all objects with errors in the selection set "Back" to facilitate access. The results of the verification procedure are recorded in a log control extension "ADT" provided that the system variable is set to 1 AUDITCTL.

By retrieving the file BAK

If all these operations are unsuccessful, and if the BAK file still exists, rename the BAK file in DWG and open it in AutoCAD. You can find your document in its previous registration.

Last resort
If indeed your file will not open, try to load it into AutoCAD compatible software said as "Intellidesk" for example. And if there is really nothing, then it'll just redo your drawing.


  1. For working out given trouble you may use dwg recovery. The software can work with corrupted or deleted dwg files and has many various possibilities which allowing to solve out almost every trouble associated with autocad troubles.

  2. I suppose very likely it's dwg file corruption I should suggest you following utility DWG Repair Toolbox program help you

  3. Community of enthusiasts must aid you-

    Your best protection against this disaster is the AUTOMATIC SAVE feature. The interval between Automatic Saves is set on the OPEN and SAVE of the OPTIONS command.

    So how do you recover an Automatic save file? When you open AutoCAD after a crash the DRAWING RECOVERY MANAGER should display. If not, type DRAWINGRECOVERY and press ENTER.

    Backup files (BAK) and Automatic Save Files (SV$) that were found are displayed in the DRAWING RECOVERY MANAGER and can be reviewed and selectively recovered.

    Otherwise apply DWG Viewer Tool

    How it works, see:-