Tuesday, February 1, 2011

autocad block definition

If you need to modify one or more objects within a block separately, you can disassemble, or explode, the block reference into its component objects. After making the changes, you can

* Create a new autocad block definition
* Redefine the existing block definition
* Leave the component objects uncombined for other uses

You can automatically explode block references as you insert them by selecting the Explode option in the Insert dialog box.
To explode a block reference

1. Click Home tabModify panelExplode. At the Command prompt, enter explode.
2. Select the block to explode. Press Enter.

The block reference is disassembled into its component objects; however, the block definition still exists in the drawing for insertion later.

To control properties while you explode an object

1. Enter xplode.
2. Select the objects to be exploded.
3. If you selected more than one object, enter i to control properties for individual objects, or enter g to control properties for all the selected objects.
4. Enter an option for a property you want to change.

The property is applied to the compound object and the prompt is redisplayed.
5. Enter another option, or enter e to explode the selected objects.

The selected objects are exploded and the properties you specified are applied to the component objects.

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