Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Autocad Block Attributes

To create an autocad attribute, you first create an attribute definition, which stores the characteristics of the attribute.
The characteristics include the tag, which is a name that identifies the attribute, the prompt displayed when you insert the block, value information, text formatting, location within the block, and any optional modes (Invisible, Constant, Verify, Preset, Lock Position, and Multiple Lines).
If you plan to extract the attribute information for use in a parts list, you may want to keep a list of the attribute tags you have created. You will need this tag information later when you create the attribute template file.

Attribute modes control the behavior of attributes in blocks. For example, you can control
  • Whether an attribute is visible or invisible in the drawing
  • Whether an attribute has a constant value, such as a part number
  • Whether the attribute can be moved relative to the rest of the block
  • Whether the attribute is a single-line attribute or a multiple-line attribute
If an attribute has a constant value, you will not be prompted for its value when you insert the block. If an attribute has a variable value, such as the asset number of a computer, you will be prompted when you insert the block.

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