Thursday, February 10, 2011

autocad error memory allocation error

When you try to print to a locally connected printer, the following error message is displayed:
Memory Allocation Error.
You might still be able to print from other applications.
This error can occur if more than one printer shares the same port name (for example, LPT1) through a cable splitter or a switchbox. Check with your hardware vendors for a way to assign independent port names for each printer.

 Memory allocation problems occur between the program and the Windows OS.  Those kinds of problems are hard to fix. The first thing I would do is to restart AutoCAD and try again.  If that doesn't work, I would try rebooting the computer.  If that still doesn't work, you will probably need to reinstall AutoCAD. I know that's not very good news, but there isn't much else that us end-users can do in this situation.

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