Monday, February 21, 2011

AutoCAD 2010 Saving Error

When you tried to save a drawing using SAVE or QSAVE, you received a fatal error message.
Vertical applications built on AutoCAD, such as Civil 3D, create special object entities known as proxy objects. To see these proxy objects when you open a drawing in other Autodesk products, the PROXYGRAPHICS system variable must be set to 1 when the drawing is saved. This creates an image (graphic) of that object that can be viewed in other applications. However, if a drawing contains large amounts of proxy objects, saving all of these images can overwhelm system memory and cause this fatal error.
To address this issue, follow the steps below to avoid creating these images:
1. On the command line, enter PROXYGRAPHICS.
2. Change the value to 0.
Note: If this drawing is opened in applications other than Civil 3D, the Civil 3D objects will not be displayed.

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