Saturday, January 15, 2011

Autocad, Blender and other software for Linux

Autocad is a must-software architecture. But it is very expensive (about 4700 Euros and some versions have a compulsory year subscription! ) and is not ported to Linux. This section contains elements for transferring drawings on Autocad free software (Linux, MacOSX, Windows, ...) and more particularly in Blender , information and tips, etc. 
There are clones highly accessible must-see . They cost around 500 euros for the 2D version and € 600 for 3D. The updates are not mandatory.
Briscad is not bad either, and even better because now natively on Linux. I tested the beta version (the final is scheduled for late June 2010) and is very conclusive. Certainly this is not the perfect clone of AutoCAD but it brings some really interesting feature, as one manager for all the design elements (layers, blocks, xref, lines

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