Monday, January 10, 2011

Hyperlinked files with Autocad 2011

When using hyperlinks to autocad 2011 files, clicking on the hyperlink causes autocad to open, then the file opens and immediately closes leaving autocad open. this really limits the use of onenote. The solution is
type text, right click, select hyperlink, path to autocad .dwg file. word and excel hyperlinks for autocad .dwg files made the same way work fine. hyperlinks to autocad .dxf files work fine, uses the same autocad program.
hyper links for autodesk inventor and solidworks files work fine. when I publish to a pdf, the hyperlinks for autopcad .dwg files work differently, it wants to open the file using internet explorer, and fails, all other file types seem to work. An interesting note: if I record the commands in autocad when trying to open a .dwg file using the hyperlink in onenote, it closes the .dwg file without recording any command for end or quit, pretty interesting. If you have any query please comment.

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