Saturday, January 15, 2011

autocad - Export to DXF

It's so simple that it took me several years to get there!

This applies when you need to export 3D models from AutoCAD, to all types of 3D software (Cycas, Pov, ...)

The big problem during a transfer from Autocad 3D ojects is that they are often " 3D volumes  "because it is easier to deal with that software. However, there are many free and paid software that use " 3D surfaces  . The challenge is to transform the volumes (also called solid) surfaces (or faces).

The solution I have long looked to the outside, just Autocad itself. I tested this solution in Autocad 2005 (valid for all versions):

Open your 3D model in Autocad. You do not need to change anything (color layers, ...).

Go to menu File , then Export and within that opens, select the type of 3DS and finally, name (example: maquette.3ds)

Then select the items and press twice (to confirm = press the Enter key).

In part that appears, leave the default settings (Extract from the 3D object layers)

you can change other settings if you are not satisfied, but this should in most cases.

Click OK

The export may take time depending on the complexity of the model, the file size or the power of your machine ...

It was during that export volumes become faces.

When finished, close the file of the model (no need to register) and create a new file (menu File , then New ...) where you insert the 3DS file:
Menu Insert , then 3D Studio ... and through, get the 3DS file.I generally leave the default settings, since I defined materials in Autocad.

Siple then press the button " Add All "(which moves the names on the right)

and press OK.

Go to menu File , then Save As and choose DXF - First take the default (your version of Autocad). In case of failure or bad result in the destination application, try again with an earlier version (I have had no problem with Blender).

During this last phase, you do not need to change the options (as part of registration, bottom right). By default it is an ASCII DXF format to 16 decimal places).


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