Saturday, September 18, 2010

Autocad returns on Mac

  Autocad found Apple. The 2011 version of this design tool , widely used among others by architects , will be officially launched next October . It will be available either on Windows and Mac OS, and at the same price (ie $ 3,995 ) .

Autodesk eye on the Apple community at least since one year. In July 2009, he extended his support to Mac usersOr, more specifically to users of Windows on the Mac (via Apple's Boot Camp) : AutoCAD 2010, 3ds Max 2010 , Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Inventor 2010 , among others, were officially compatible with the platform "hybrid . "

2009, the publisher suggested a more elegant solution : Autodesk software on Mac via Parallels Desktop. In fact , Autodesk was working on a Mac OS native for several months. Some captures screens and a video of a beta version appeared and on the Web in June. With feedback sometimes critical on the performance of Sledgehammer , the codename of the project, however, a 64-bit application based on Cocoa. For cons , the software seemed already to manage the Magic Mouse Apple and interfaces multi-touch .
The American publisher has hopefully resolved the performance problems for the Mac version announced for this fall.
This launch is an event for the Apple community : you have to search on Wikipedia to find traces of a launch Autocad on Mac ... in June, Autodesk seems to go further since versions iPad and iPhone are planned . They will , however, that the consultation documents Autocad and should not allow editing.
Autodesk, which also offers 3ds Max, the tool star of the 3D on Apple machines , will go he further in its strategy? will propose there also the Revit platform for architects , or Inventor 's 3D CAD tool ?

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