Thursday, October 21, 2010

Autocad Side Button Mouse Customization for the OSNAP Menu

If you have a mouse with side buttons and would like to make one of these side buttons pop-up your OSNAP menu (instead of having to hold down the SHIFT key and right-click) try this:
First go to the Windows Control Panel, double-click the mouse settings icon. If you have the correct mouse driver installed, you should be able to assign functions to every button on your mouse. Assign the button that you would like to use for OSNAPS as F12 ( since this funciton key is not used for anything else ).
Open AutoCAD and go to the Tools pulldown menu, choose Customize, then Toolbars. On the Commands tab, click User-defined.
On the top right, drag and drop a User-Defined Button out of the dialog box. This just made a new button and toolbar.
Right-click on the new button and choose Properties.
Name the button something, like OSNAPS. Look for ^C^C in the Macro text field, and type
$p0=SNAP $p0=*
or cut and paste that from the Acad.mns file.
The string should look like the following:
^$p0=SNAP $p0=*
Select the Close button. Next, go to the Tools pulldown menu, choose Customize > Keyboard. Under Categories look for Toolbar1 Toolbar. If you have the right toolbar it should say OSNAPS under Commands. To the right under Press new shortcut key: pick the F12 button. Click the Assign button, Close, and try it.
The method above will also allow you to assign a Diesel macro function to your mouse buttons.

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