Saturday, March 5, 2011

Creating a sloped building pad

You want to know how to create a sloped building pad on a site in Revit®.

In Revit®, the building pad cannot be sloped. However, you can achieve a similar effect by using a floor slab and assigning the slope you want to it. Before you create the floor slab, you have to create a building pad on the site to establish the excavation for the building location.

Prepare the site by creating a building pad that has a thin structure. You can refer to the Help documentation for more information about how to create a building pad. To make a thin building pad

   1. Right-click on the building pad. Click Properties.
   2. In the Element Properties dialog box, click Edit/New.
   3. In the Type Properties dialog box, click Edit to modify the structure of the pad.
   4. Under Thickness, enter a small value, such as 0.01.

You can now create a sloped pad by creating a floor and using the sloping functionality that exists within the Floor tool. See the Help documentation for creating a sloped floor.

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