Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Disable the autoload of Map 3D files to improve performance


By default, when Civil 3D starts, it loads all the Map 3D functions. This does result in an increased memory load of appproximately 85 MB on your computer. If you are experiencing performance, stability or Out of Memory issues, and don't often use Map 3D commands, you can disable them autoloading to increase available memory.

The zip file below is a Windows Script File (.wsf), which will toggle on/off autoloading of Map 3D files on startup of Civil 3D. You can create two desktop icons, one which will toggle off autoloading and another which will toggle back on autoloading.

Note: this file makes a change in the User registry settings, so permissions to edit the User registry settings is required.

To use this function:

1. Save and unzip the file below to a specific location on your computer
2. Right-click on Civil3DMapControl.wsf, and select "Create Shortcut"
3. Right-click on the Shortcut icon created, and select "Properties"
4. On the General tab, in the upper field, enter an appropriate name, like Civil 3D with Map - Disable
5. On the Shortcut tab, make one of the following additions to the end of the Target field (note there should be a space after the "...\Civil3DMapControl.wsf" entry):

If autoloading is disabled, you can always manually load all the Map files during a current session by typing "_MapStartWSpace" on the command line (do not try to run Map commands without doing this first, or Civil 3D will crash).  The next time you start Civil 3D, it will still disable autoloading.

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