Monday, March 7, 2011

Script errors in AutoCAD®-based software


You encountered scripting errors in your AutoCAD®-based software when you tried to:
  • authorize the product
  • access the online Help
  • access the Getting Started Guide


These errors indicate a problem or security restriction in Internet Explorer. This AutoCAD®-based software functionality is built upon Microsoft Internet Explorer technology. 
To resolve these errors, try the suggestions listed below.
  • In Microsoft® Internet Explorer, set the security level settings to the default level for all zones.
  • Apply all service packs, critical updates, and security updates available for Internet Explorer.
  • In Internet Explorer, empty the Temporary Internet Files folder.
  • Clean out your temporary folders for your user account and the operating system. (To access the Temp folder, enter %temp% in the Address box in Windows Explorer)
  • Apply the latest service packs for your operating system:
    • Windows XP Service Pack 2
    • Windows 2000 Service Pack 4
  • If you are experiencing problems Registering or Activating your software, try the function in Windows Diagnostic Mode.
  • Download and apply the following update for Java from Sun: Java Update.
  • If you are using an AutoCAD 2006 or an older product with Internet Explorer 7 or newer, you may need to downgrade Internet Explorer to version 6.1 SP1 for compatibility. AutoCAD 2006 and older products were not tested in combination with Internet Explorer 7.

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