Saturday, March 5, 2011

Floor or slab visible regardless of view depth

You set the view range so that it cuts above a floor or slab in a plan view, but the floor or slab was still visible.

A floor or slab will be visible in a plan view if it is partially above the view depth, or if it is within 4 feet (approximately 1.21 meters) of the bottom clip.

To prevent the floor or slab from being visible in plan view, you need to adjust the bottom clip so that it is more than 4 feet above the floor or slab and set the view depth so that it does not include any part of the floor or slab. Follow these steps:

   1. In plan view, click View menu > View Properties.
   2. Click the Edit button for the View Range parameter.
   3. Enter a value for both the Bottom Offset, under Primary Range, and the Level Offset, under View Depth, that is more than 4 feet from the floor or slab.

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