Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Missing tool palettes in autocad


You installed Civil 3D 2010 from a deployment created using DVDs. However, when you start the product, you noticed that the Tool Palettes Civil 3D subassemblies were missing.
When Civil 3D 2010 is installed as standalone, everything works as expected.


One way to resolve this issue is to copy the content of all the DVDs to new directory and create a new deployment by running setup.exe in the new directory on the hard drive. This will ensure that the deployment contains all files copied and the installation will be quicker.
If you prefer to not create a new deployment, you can manually copy the missing files and modify the deployment:
  1. Copy the entire <Drive letter> i.e. D:\x86\C3D\CONTENT directory from DVD 2 into the ….AdminImage\x86\C3D directory to overwrite the existing Content folder.
  2. Modify the deployment and proceed through the configuration steps to update your deployment.
  3. Repair your installation of Civil 3D 2010, using Add or Remove Programs in the  Control Panel (Windows). Select the Reinstall option.
  4. Start Civil 3D 2010 and confirm that tool palettes have subassemblies.

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