Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to install the Subscription Advantage Pack for AutoCAD 2011

System Requirements

AutoCAD 2011® Subscription Advantage Pack can only be applied to the above products (installed as stand-alone or as part of a suite).

The system requirements for the Subscription Advantage Pack are the same as the product listed above that it will be installed on.

Log in to the Subscription Center and, based on your operating system, download one of the following self-extracting executable files to any temporary location:

For 32-bit: autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx86_001_enu.exe
For 64-bit: autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx64_001_enu.exe

Once the download has completed, double-click the .exe file and click Install (you may change the default destination folder of the extracted files). Once the extraction of the files is complete, the installer (setup.exe) will run automatically.

In the AutoCAD 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack Installation wizard, click Install Products where you can choose to install the following products:

AutoCAD 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack
AutoCAD WS plug-in for AutoCAD 2011

Follow the instructions on each page of the Installation wizard to complete the installation.

Note: You can install this advantage pack for all supported AutoCAD-based products on your system. However, if you add a supported AutoCAD-based product later, you must uninstall and reinstall the advantage pack for the added product. Also, if you reinstall AutoCAD, you must uninstall and then reinstall this advantage pack.

Deploy This Subscription Advantage Pack

Unzip the self-extracting file autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx86_001_enu.exe or autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx64_001_enu.exe to a network share location; for example, C:\Autodesk\autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx86_001_enu.

Copy the following text to a file:

' <script_begin>  ----------------------------------------
' Scripted installation for AutoCAD 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack
option explicit

' define variables
dim shell
dim productType
dim strInstallLevel
dim strSourcePath

' Script initialization
Set shell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")

productType = "AdvantagePack"
strInstallLevel=5      ' 5 installs everything, 3 installs typical
' Source to install from (e.g. C:\Autodesk\autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx86_001_enu)
strSourcePath = "C:\Autodesk\autocad_2011_ap_collaboration_winx86_001_enu"

Function RunStandaloneInstall DefaultCommand(),2,1
end function
Function DefaultCommand
   dim retString
' /q for silent install ' /c [key] override parameters for the key
   retString = """" & strSourcePath & "\setup.exe " & """" & " /t /q /c " & productType & ": "
   retString = retString & "InstallLevel=" & strInstallLevel
   DefaultCommand = retString
end function

' </script_end>----------------------------------------------------------------

Save the file as a VBS file (for example, InstallSAP2011.vbs).
Execute the file to deploy this advantage pack.

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  1. You must install Autodesk Inventor 2010 Service Pack 3 before you can install Inventor 2010